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About Us

     Yacht Systems Services, Inc. was founded in 2000. We view your boat as a collection of systems, many interconnected and inter-dependent.  Whether we are providing a replacement pump or sophisticated electrical upgrades, we test and verify all the related systems and equipment to assure satisfactory performance.  In short, ‘The job isn’t finished until the system’s been tested!’

     We provide design, installation, repair and maintenance services of all major equipment & systems aboard your boat.  Our team is experienced, educated and certified in electrical, electronics, air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitation and plumbing for recreational and small commercial vessels (T & K classes).  We take ownership of our work and the systems we were responsible for repairing. If we touch it, we own it!

     Located at Willoughby Spit in Norfolk, VA.  We are a mobile service company, capable of delivering yard level service at your marina or residence.  We have dockage available for short term repair or longer term storage and refits as well.

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